a passive income stream that works for you every month

Buy a scooter that supports Eartho ecosystems and start earning money every month. This is a great micro investment for millenials and zoomers who want to grow their money.

Backed By The Leading Organizations
Question 1

How much from the total trip is going to me?

We deduct a 30% fee from the trip revenue. From the total cost of the trip, the residents will receive anywhere between 51% and 80%. The locals are creators who support one another, so if one creator somehow lost money due to a scooter that broke, the other creators will assist him in recovering his investment.

Question 2

What happen if something happened to my vehicle?

The community will assist you in recovering your investment money if your scooter is stolen or broken. We will simply remove the scooter from the network if you have already recovered your investment.

Question 3

Why should I use Eartho?

The city economy loses hundreds of millions of dollars each year, which results in high prices, depreciating coinage, and low purchasing power. By making the straightforward decision to use Eartho rather than other companies, you are helping millions of people.

Question 4

Which cities Eartho works?

Today Eartho is working only in Tel-Aviv, Israel. If you want to partner us and bring Eartho to your city please apply to partner program.

Built for Scale

Our systems can support billions of api calls, and can manage unlimited users and transactions. Our infrastructure supports some of the most-downloaded apps in the world
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